Is soup the first thing you order at a restaurant? Or do like everything to be in the soupy form starting from chicken to veggies? If yes, then you are at the right place! In this article you’ll get to know about a particular soup which has the potential to take the place of your current favourite one. Let me ask you a question have you ever heard of a baked Onion soup?

French Onion Soup Cheese & Croutons, yes you have heard it right, made with soft sliced onion, it is a delicious soup! It has a thick and rich texture and goes well both as a starter or a meal, depending on the size variant you get. Available in cups, bowls or bread bowls as far as the variety of sizes goes. The soup is prepared using various herbs and leaves specially plucked, for adding a distinct taste and overall feel to the soup. And for the Onion, they are no ordinary Onion as they are grown under experts who supervise and ensure the quality of the Onion es.  Then they are baked in old coal ovens which gives it a smoky flavour, unlike the regular ovens. As a whole the baked Onion soup can be considered a delicacy as far soups are concerned. It is not only tasty but also has a vast plethora of health benefits to its name.

French Onion Soup Cheese & Croutons
French Onion Soup Cheese & Croutons

We live in an extremely demanding society, taking away all of the time in order to sustain yourself. In the midst of this rat race, our diet is the one that takes a hit. We find ourselves skipping meals and resorting to unhealthy fast to curb our hunger, as there is no time for cooking or ensuring a healthy diet.As a result, we fail to gain the necessary amount of proteins and minerals suggested by doctors. Wouldn’t it be great to have one food item which you must consume to gain all your nutrition? Baked Onion Soup, contains a good amount of high-quality proteins and a number of vitamins, it contains a range of plant-based compounds and minerals thanks to all the delicious veggies it has. So, what’s stopping you?! Go ahead and get a bowl of French Onion Soup Cheese & Croutons for yourself and enjoy the deliciousness!

Health effects of French Onion Soup Cheese & Croutons:

It can be considered as calorie friend foods, as most of the ingredients like Onion are packed with healthy nutrients, which will help our bodies function better! Onion es is rich in compounds like flavonoids, carotenoids, and phenolic acids. These compounds act as antioxidants in the body by neutralizing potentially harmful molecules known as free radicals. When free radicals accumulate, they can increase the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The resistant starch in Onion es may also improve digestive health. When resistant starch reaches the large intestine, it becomes food for beneficial gut bacteria. These bacteria digest it and turn it into short-chain fatty acids. Aside from being nutritious, Onion es is also incredibly filling. Foods that are filling may help you regulate or lose weight, as they curb hunger pains. Who knew our good old Onion had so many benefits!  You may ask is parmesan cheese crisps good for you?

Nutritional value of French Onion Soup Cheese & Croutons:

French Onion Soup Cheese & Croutonsis truly beneficial for the health and delicious at the same time!With about 74 calories per 100grams, it is considered as a low-calorie density food. Medium in carbs and medium in proteins and highin fats it is an ideal option to maintain a balance during a strict keto diet.

  • Total calories: 105calories.
  • Serving size: about 43g.

Amount per serving-

  • Total fat:5g
  • Cholesterol:18mg
  • Sodium:370mg
  • Total carbohydrate:9g.
  • Protein: 6g.

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