In this increasingly health-conscious society, we are giving on our favorite food items every day, in order to lead a more healthy life. Some might say it is the way to go, why consume something which is benefiting in any way. But I say otherwise, we as humans have developed our taste buds throughout our lives. And you shouldn’t feel guilty about loving certain food items. And what if I say, there is a certain food item, a burger to specific that can satisfy both the above point of view. Read the entire article to know more about it.

Yes, you heard me right, in this article, we will get to know about a burger that is immensely tasty, and healthy at the same time. We often consider fast food items like burgers as unhealthy and bad for health. The Habit Teriyaki Charburger Cheese Mayo is a cheeseburger made in heaven it seems. Finally, we can tell our mothers that the burger we are having is good for us and making us healthier. Containing a good amount of high-quality cheese and nutritious bacon, the habit’s cheeseburgers are a people’s favorite. With outlets all over the States and few around the world, we shouldn’t face any problem getting some of this deliciousness!

Habit Teriyaki Charburger Chesse Mayo
Habit Teriyaki Charburger Chesse Mayo

We live in an extremely demanding society, taking away all of the time in order to sustain yourself. In the midst of this rat race, our diet is the one that takes a hit. We find ourselves skipping meals and resorting to unhealthy fast to curb our hunger, as there is no time for cooking or ensuring a healthy diet. As a result, we fail to gain the necessary amount of proteins and minerals suggested by doctors. And not consuming healthy snacks only add to our problems. I urge you to resort to means like The Habit Teriyaki Charburger Cheese Mayo. it is readily available in stores and online. It is made with high-quality ingredients and served fresh.

Health benefits:

It can be considered as calorie friend foods, as most of the ingredients like cheese packed with healthy nutrients, which will help our bodies function better! Cheese is a great source of calcium, fat, and protein. It also contains high amounts of vitamins A and B-12, along with zinc, phosphorus, and riboflavin. Cheese made from the milk of 100 percent grass-fed animals is the highest in nutrients and also contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K-2.

Cheeses like Parmesan Cheese, Brie, and cheddar contain small amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Research has suggested, that CLA may help prevent obesity, heart disease, and reduce inflammation. Cheese (and other high-fat dairy products, like whole milk and butter) from 100-percent grass-fed animals contains more CLA. Eating cheese might help to prevent dental cavities, Cheese can keep your teeth strong and prevent expensive dental work that results from decay. Hence go ahead and get yourself a delicious The Habit Teriyaki Charburger Cheese Mayo!

Nutritional value of the Habit Teriyaki Charburger Cheese Mayo:

The Habit Teriyaki Charburger Cheese Mayo is truly healthy and delicious at the same time! With about 210 calories per 100grams, it is considered as a medium-calorie density food. Medium in carbs and medium in proteins and high in fats it is not an ideal option to maintain a balance during a strict keto diet.

  • Total calories: 350calories.
  • Serving size: about 162g.

Amount per serving-

  • Total fat:25g
  • Cholesterol:50mg
  • Sodium:1050mg
  • Total carbohydrate:10g.
  • Protein: 15g.

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