Fortunately, our generation has realised the importance eating good and maintaining a decent diet. But the stigma of not knowing enough or that it might make a hole in your pocket to transform your diet, has kept many from achieving the true potential of their bodies. Do not worry we are here to remove all confusions and suggest some excellent food options for your diet. In this article we are going to explore one such food item.

Siggi’s Triple Cream Yogurt is a flavoured, non-fat yogurt and  packsa good amount of protein andsugar. It has 20% of the calcium you need to have daily, and it’s even higher in protein.

Siggi's Triple Cream Yogurt
Siggi’s Triple Cream Yogurt

Ittakes you back to your childhood, when you would binge on your favourite yogurt all day without worrying about gaining calories! It is healthier and tastier variant of a typical yogurt with a new touch.

And who would have thought a flavoured yogurt could taste so delicious. It is packed health benefits, so if you are no of those gym freaks, you would surely love its contents.

 An excellent source of calcium, protein and probiotics, regular consumption of this yogurt is associated with better immune system function, weight management and reduced inflammation. The only thing is that you should keep a check as on your sugar consumption.

In today’s fast paced life having some easy to prepare, nutritious food is a blessing in disguise. While selecting and adding food items our diets there are a few key factors that we all have at the back of our minds, the availability of the item, its cost effectiveness and most importantly time required for preparation. And  Siggi’s Triple Cream Yogurt satisfies almost all of them. Hence de sure to check it out and try it for yourself. Besides that, it is delicious and serves you a number of essential nutrients all in one place.

Health effects of Siggi’s Triple Cream Yogurt:

We all are aware of the Health benefits of salads, providing us with all the essential veggies and fruits all in one dish, which in turn supply us with healthy nutrients needed by our bodies.

Let us see how Siggi’s Triple Cream Yogurt can turn out to be such a healthy option, as it contains high quality  ingredients like low fat yogurt.

Yogurt provides an impressive amount of protein. And particularly this yogurt contain live probiotics, that were either a part of the starter culture or added after pasteurization.

Some types of macrobiotics found in yogurt, such as Bactericidal and Lactobacillus, have been shown to lessen the uncomfortable symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which is a common disorder that affects the colon. These may benefit digestive health when consumed.

Consuming yogurt especially if it contains probiotics on a regular basis may strengthen your immune system and reduce your likelihood of contracting an illness. Probiotics have been shown to reduce inflammation, which is linked to several health conditions ranging from viral infections to gut disorders. You can also try out Tzatziki – Greek Yogurt Dip.

Nutritional quotient of Siggi’s Triple Cream Yogurt

Siggi’s Triple Cream Yogurt is both delicious and healthy!With a moderate calorie per serving ration it falls under the medium calorie density food category. It is suggested to keep a check on your consumption if you are on a strict diet plan.

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