Starbucks has been around for a while, and has become the undoubted pioneers of the coffee world. With a range of options included in their menu, they are cracked the formula to always keep the customers coming for more. But more recently, in order to keep up with the competitive market they have introduced a range of delicious cakes and siders. In this article we will discuss about, one of their most popular new cakes.

Starbucks Chocolate Chip Cookie will have you hooked in just a few bites when the crunchy cookies will melt inside your mouth with the chocolate chips adding to its texture and sweetness.

Starbucks Chocolate Chip Cookie
Starbucks Chocolate Chip Cookie

It is one of the prized possessions of Starbucks as customers keep coming back for more. With good quality chocolate and flour being used as the primary ingredients, you can be stress free while munching on some delicious cookies.

Just be aware of your consumption and do not go over board as the sugar content might affect your health. But that is nothing to worry about, and feel free to order some Starbucks Chocolate Chip Cookie for yourself

Starbucks offers its customers a range of cookies starting from plain coffees to more extravagant options, and believes in serving their customers with the best quality items possible. And keeping the trend of health consciousness in mind, they have started to reduce the percentage of added sugar to their dishes by almost 25%.

Health effects:

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It can be considered as a calorie friend foods, as most of the ingredients like flour and chocolate are packed with healthy nutrients, which will help our bodies function better! a research, tells us that consuming chocolate can help in fighting bad cholesterol. Chocolate consumption can even help lower the risk of developing heart disease by a great margin.Doctors even suggest higher levels of chocolate consumption canindicate a lower risk of cardiometabolic disorders.

Moderate consumption is always beneficial for the health, be it cookies or anything else, excess of anything  will lead to various health problems. Having said that each item has its advantages and disadvantages. As far as cookiesare concerned, it is a staple for the younger population and is liked by all.

But with the rise of health consciousness today it is regarded as unhealthy and harmful to consume your favourite cookies. But that is not entirely true. Yes, chocolate chip cookies mostly contain gluten, hence it is bad for certain people.

We must remember, no one goes to Starbucks keeping in mind the caloric intake or the health effects it will have, they are mainly looking to have a good experience and enjoy their food. Hence there is no need to go harsh on yourself, as having the delicious chocolate chip cookie once in a while has no negative effects. You can also try out parmesan cheese crisps?

Nutrition value of Starbucks Chocolate Chip Cookie:

Keeping aside the taste, Starbucks Chocolate Chip Cookie has little to no effect on the health if consumed in moderation. The chocolate content might have some health implications but they are negligible. Due to Its high calorie per serving ratio, it falls under the high-calorie density food bracket.  As a whole it is a delicious item and is a must-try for all.

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