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Top 5 Fighting Games You Must Play!

It’s time to put your game face on and get ready for some of the best combat games ever. In this blog post, we will be talking about 10 of the best fighting games you can play. These are not just any old fighting games though, these are combat games that have a lot to offer in terms of gameplay features and replay value. So if you love playing video games or want to find out what they’re all about, keep reading!

Why are action games so popular?

The best combat game will provide an immersive experience, making you feel empowered and putting you in hard conditions. Combat games are some of the most popular video game genres out there, and it’s no surprise that they’re such a hit. They are full of action-packed combat sequences with challenging levels for players to overcome. Not only do these types of games come in all sorts of flavors, but they can be played by anyone at any skill level!

Fighting games as an entire genre includes many different subgenres which have their own unique features. From sports or boxing simulation to fantasy role playing – there is truly something for everyone when it comes to this type of game play style. There is also great variety between fighters too, including characters based on historical figures from various cultures around the world.

Top 5 combat games for PC:

– Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V is known for being an extremely competitive fighting game.

Street fighter 5, the latest instalment of this long-standing series, brings more balance to gameplay and a dramatic increase in graphics quality.

– Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is known for having a ton of content.

The game has an extensive story mode that spans over 27 chapters and three time periods, it also includes plenty of special features like the Klassic Tower which offers players 25 different towers with each tower containing 10 fights, giving them 250 battles to fight their way through in order to gain access to unlockables such as costumes or fatalities.

– Injustice: Gods Among Us

The first video game from DC Comics to allow players the chance of playing as their favorite comic book heroes and villains.

The new Injustice: Gods Among Us is set in an alternate timeline where Superman has taken over Earth, creating a society that mirrors his own values while Batman leads a rebellion against him on behalf of what they believe should be free will for all mankind. However it’s not just about who wins or loses these battles; because this isn’t simply another fighting game like Mortal Kombat.


Tekken is known for its deep story lines and great fighting game mechanics.

Tekken has a long history of creating addictive fighter games, with some being more popular than others due to the stories they tell or their features in combat.

– Soul Calibur

Soul Calibur is known for its fighting system, a simple yet engaging gameplay mechanic that will keep you coming back.

Soul Calibur has been around since the 90s and continues to add new features with each release, like online play in Soulcalber VI’s latest update (SCVI)?

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