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Video games become the only thing to do this year: Number of gamers jumps 50%

You’re probably wondering why you are reading this article. Well, it is because the number of gamers jumped 50% in just one year!

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More than half of Americans turned to video games during lockdown and survival games were the most played. Combat games and open world games also saw a fair share of attention from players last year.

This trend has only gotten stronger with time as more people turn to video games for entertainment when they can’t go outside or socialize with others.

In 2020, more than half of US residents turned to video games in order to fill the time. The COVID-19 pandemic consumed most of their days until they learned that inhabiting a virtual world was much better for them and this became an escape from reality as well as socialization tool during lockdowns when people had no choice but stay inside due to safety concerns.

 People found solace in these worlds because it made them feel like they were not alone or without purpose after being quarantined by authorities who took measures against potential spreaders which included closing schools and workplaces among other things such while also ensuring all citizens stayed indoors at home with friends or family members.

In an age where most entertainment is streamed digitally, especially by the younger generations of consumers, gaming has become a major source of interest.

Far from just being for children and teens anymore; adults are playing console games in droves thanks to streaming services such as Twitch and Netflix.

In fact 66% percent more 18-24 year old played consoles after 2017 than before it and 60% increased their mobile game play with digital purchases on all platforms thriving across demographics during that same time period according to SuperData’s survey respondents aged between 18 – 24 years old.

The shift points towards a larger one in entertainment: movies theaters sports plays etcetera have been largely inaccessible if not outright dangerous to public health while at the same time our generation relies heavily

A new report found that 27% of people, about 1 in 4, play games to stay connected. In 2020 Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Among Us were cultural touchstones with nearly half a billion players by November alone.

Politicians like Joe Biden and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez capitalized on their popularity to raise awareness for the year’s presidential election while even Pokémon Go managed to adapt during this pandemic thanks largely due Niantic updates which helped it grow 39% from last year

It’s been a year since the Great Cataclysm. People have spent months trying to adjust their lives and routines in order to survive, but video games were one of few places they could still spend time together with people around the world.

SuperData estimates that digital gaming alone garnered $126 billion over the course of this year-but what will happen next? Will people abandon these virtual worlds or be drawn back into them when we inevitably enter another lockdown period like 2020? What are some ways you’ve found community again after losing it for so long during The Lockdown last month?

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