Starbucks Chocolate Chip Cookie health effects and nutrient value

Starbucks has been around for a while, and has become the undoubted pioneers of the coffee world. With a range of options included in their menu, they are cracked the formula to always keep the customers coming for more. But more recently, in order to keep up with the competitive market they have introduced a […]

What About Chicken Margherita Balsamic!

Do you have a date this weekend and do not know what to cook for your loved one? Or do you feel out of place while ordering at a fancy diner? If yes then just go with Chicken Margherita Balsamic. We often find ourselves lost when it comes to exquisite food items, all of them seem alien […]

Is Queen Olives – Feta stuffed in oil good for you?

Are you searching for something tasty with a wide array of functionality, which would make your life ten times easier as it would work as an appetizer, as a topping for your favorite salad or just a stand-alone snack, you can binge on while watching your favorite movie? And what if I say, we have […]

Is Del Taco – Crunchtada Tostada good for you?

What comes to your mind when you hear Mexican food? Or maybe your snack to curb your sudden hunger. Yes, the answer is burritos or some other food form Del Taco! It has gained wide spread popularity and has a huge reach amongst people all over the world. People love its unique taste and its […]

Is Mini Belgian Waffles good for you?

What comes to your mind when I say, an utterly delicious and sweet food item, sprinkled with cinnamon evenly throughout with honey dripping from its unique boxy edges? Yes, you have guessed it right, it is the waffle! I guess I made it quite obvious when I described my absolute favourite item, which I keep […]

Is Corned Beef – Canned good for you?

Living in a world of privilege and comfort we have been spoilt by easy access to almost anything you can think of. Be it the shirt you wanted for so long or your favourite snack without which you absolutely cannot do! Everything is readily available. Unlike our parent’s generation we are fortunate to have this […]

Is Subway Turkey Wrap Cheese Bacon (No sauce) good for you?

Our generation might be considered dysfunctional, but we truly cherish our snacks. Be it the roadside burger or the expensive meatball wrap, we look forward to having our favourite snack. And one fast food company which has quite successfully captured our attention is Subway! It’s been around for decades and has outlets all over the […]

Is Ground Beef – 85% Leanhealthy?

What comes to your mind when you hear beef? Maybe a juicy steak with some salsa sauce or some smoked short ribs served with mashed potato on a bright sunny morning. Whatever it may be beef meat is popular throughout the world. And why wouldn’t it be! Ground Beef – 85% Lean, one of the […]

Is the Habit Teriyaki Charburger Cheese Mayo good for you?

In this increasingly health-conscious society, we are giving on our favorite food items every day, in order to lead a more healthy life. Some might say it is the way to go, why consume something which is benefiting in any way. But I say otherwise, we as humans have developed our taste buds throughout our […]

Is Chocolate Covered Honeycomb Candy good for you?

when I say chocolate or rather a candy with some cultural significance? The answer should be Chocolate Covered Honeycomb Candy. They have been around for years now, and have successfully build a huge customer base. Today whenever we hear See’s, we think of tasty, soft chocolate, my mouth is watering even writing about it! Chocolate […]

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